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Life on the Road: Teaching Japanese in a Converted School Bus on the West Coast

As a husband-wife online Japanese teaching team, we are excited to offer a one-of-a-kind learning experience for our students. What sets us apart from other online teachers is that we are currently living in a converted school bus, traveling the west coast of Canada and living completely off the grid in the midst of lush rainforests. Our unique way of life allows us to bring a fresh and unique perspective to our Japanese language lessons.

Despite the unconventional setting, teaching Japanese from a converted school bus is made possible with the help of technology. We use Starlink internet, which ensures a seamless and stable connection even when we're in remote areas. This allows us to take our lessons to the beach, to a mountaintop, or to a serene lake. Our students love the change of scenery and find our lessons more interactive and engaging.

One of the most exciting aspects of our lifestyle is the freedom to live completely off the grid. Our school bus has been converted into a tiny home equipped with solar panels for power, a composting toilet, and a water filtration system, allowing us to live sustainably and in harmony with the environment. Our students find this aspect of our lifestyle particularly fascinating and often ask about how we manage to live this way.

Bringing a fresh perspective to Japanese language learning is what makes our experience so unique. Our unique lifestyle and choice of teaching from a converted school bus on the west coast of Canada allows us to make language learning a fun and engaging experience for our students. We are grateful for the technology that makes it possible for us to continue our teaching from anywhere and for the freedom to live life on the road.

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