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Our Program

Japanese "R" Sound

Be Prepared for the Official Japanese Language Proficiency Exam (JLPT exam)

Our program is designed with the JLPT in mind. You will be equipped with the reading, listening, and grammar skills required to be officially certified by the JLPT test!

Japanese Caligraphy

Learn at Your Own Pace from Home.

Our program uses a mixture of visually pleasing content video lessons, home assignments, and live one-on-one speaking practices. Your lessons are focused on you so there's no class group that dictates the pace of learning. Each lesson is focused on reading, writing, speaking, listening, and conversational skills.

Japanese Teacher

Learn to Write Like a Pro.

The Japanese writing system can be intimidating for many people. We will introduce a manageable amount of characters to study during each section, and steadily build on your knowledge.

We dedicate a lot of time in our lessons to explaining Japanese characters, how to make each stroke beautiful, and the meanings hidden in the radicals that make a word.

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